At Novaflex, all quote requests are analyzed, estimated, and submitted to clients within one hour of receiving your technical drawing.


Approved quote + following the receipt of the order by the client (P.O.),
file verification and production start.


A qualified graphics technician reworks the image so that it conforms to the flexographic printing standard.


A PDF file is then sent to the client for approval, corrections, or modifications. Following the approval of the PDF, a colour copy is produced for the approval of the final job.


Next, we send the files to the production department, which manufactures the plate according to the standards requested by the client.

Quality control

The plate is then verified by the production technician, who ensures the quality and conformity of the plate. Next, a second verification is performed by the graphics technician to ensure that it conforms to the PDF file.


The plate is then packaged and shipped within 24 hours.


Once the plates have been produced, we archive all the files.

Always there for you!

Whether you need help before, during or after the project, there is technical support available to help you at all times.